Our Services

Services that Meade Kbb provide


If you are looking for a new kitchen and unsure where to start, speak to us and we can help. From the very start we can explain the various different doors, worktops, accessories and other items you may be looking at for your kitchen or bedroom. We can also help with the layout of your new kitchen or bedroom.

We can design your new kitchen or bedroom layout ensuring it works for you and is what you were hoping for. Using Computer Aided Design software we can produce drawings that show a fantastic representation of what your new kitchen or bedroom would look like. Following a design being agreed we can then cost the kitchen to include everything you require to make the kitchen you dreamt of.


Here at meade we manufacture all our kitchen and bedroom cabinets in our workshop in Ashford, Kent. Behind our showroom is the workshop, which following you placing an order we will work in to manufacture the cabinets required for your new kitchen or bedroom.

As we can manufacture your cabinets it means we can make them exactly what they need to be. Whether it be deeper, shallower, taller, shorter we can make them. As we make each kitchen or bedroom as its ordered it means we don’t have a stock holding, therefore it is more cost effective and no more expensive than an ‘off-the-shelf’ kitchen or bedroom you could be purchasing elsewhere.

If you are looking for a new kitchen or bedroom speak with us and ask for a quote. We think you will be surprised.


We are happy to either supply or supply & install your new kitchen. Whether you have a kitchen fitter already lined up or are looking for a complete installation service we are here to help. We offer an installation service from start to finish. We will complete as much or as little work required. Whether it be removing your existing kitchen right through to decorating or just installing your new worktops, speak to us and find out how we can help.